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We make
Protein Powders
from water lentils
and alfalfa

Water lentil and
alfalfa proteins contain
all essential amino acids

Highly concentrated powders,
up to 65% plant protein

Our Proteins
remain intact.
Great processing ease

Rubisco Foods

Next generation ingredients


Who we are

At Rubisco Foods we produce protein powders and fibres from water lentils and alfalfa. We use a unique patented technology which allows us to keep the proteins intact.


Highly concentrated
powders and fibres

The high protein content, which is naturally present in water lentils and alfalfa, isolated through our special technology gives a powder  containing up to 65% protein. This makes it a perfect ingredient to boost the protein content of your products.


Uniqueness of water lentil protein

Water lentil proteins have the highest percent of all Essential Amino Acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids compared to all other plant protein.


Easy to process

Our powders and fibres are very easy to process because the proteins remain intact. They are used in multiple applications such as meat alternatives, sports nutrition and protein beverages.

plant protein

plant protein

plant protein





Poeder in schaal


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