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Official opening of our plant-based protein production facility

On Thursday March 5th , Province Overijssel representative Tijs de Bree opened the new Rubisco Foods plant at The Green East campus in Raalte, where proteins are extracted from water lentils (duckweed) and other vegetable residues .

12 maart 2020

In this new facility, Rubisco Foods produces functional plant-based protein concentrates and other plant-based ingredients for the food and beverage industries. Products from local growers and vegetable residue streams from nearby companies are used as source materials for the factory.
This innovative range of plant-based, natural, clean-label, sustainable and organic (Skal- certified) products enable food and beverage industries to create exciting new products within these growing markets.

Consider, for example, water lentil protein concentrate ; with a protein content of up to 75% with an amino acid composition comparable to whey, as the ideal ingredient for meat replacers and protein shakes.

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Onion protein concentrate has natural umami characteristics and can be used as a natural flavour enhancer. This makes it a wonderful ingredient to contribute to the industries much desired salt reduction in consumer products.

The dietary fibers from the Rubisco Foods plant are low in carbohydrates and, moreover, they are 100% grain and gluten free.
Rubisco Foods is the new trade name of ABC-Kroos and a subsidiary of Biorefinery Solutions (BRS). As a technological development company, BRS is responsible for the patented technology,

Rubisco Foods is financially supported by ” Energie Fonds Overijssel” (EFO) and Zon Participaties. For EFO, the innovative nature, the regional employment impact and particularly the 4.4 TJ per year energy reduction after the ensuing scale-up the factory to an even larger location is important. Zon Participaties, the owner of The Green East, provides Rubisco Foods with an innovative infrastructure of a circular agri-food business park.

The opening of this new production facility provides the market with new sustainable plant-based ingredients that will fulfil an important link in the transition from animal protein to more plant-based proteins and the increasing demand for natural and clean-label ingredients.

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