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ABC-Kroos is Rubisco Foods from now on

For several years ABC-Kroos is known as one of the few companies worldwide that develops ingredients based on water lentils ; duckweed for human consumption. Because the interest from customers in our activities and products is increasing worldwide, the time has come to introduce a trade name that has a more international appeal.

31 oktober 2019

With our focus on producing protein concentrates that have as a major constituent the leaf protein Rubisco, we have chosen as the new name for the company: Rubisco Foods.
For this reason all our green leaf plant protein concentrates, from water lentils and other green crops like alfalfa, will now be marketed under the trade name Rubisco Foods.

Rubisco Foods, a new name, but an experienced player in green proteins. Built on the foundations of both Biorefinery Solutions and ABC-Kroos, Rubisco Foods has a lot of knowledge in the world of plant-based food ingredients.

Beautiful water footprint drops on a leaf close-up